Work Program

The Group regularly launches study groups to analyze topics of particular or systemic importance to central banks, supervisors, financial firms, and participants in global financial markets. Each study group's leadership and membership is drawn from the G30 membership, but the teams can be broader than that of the Group, including experts from specialized fields in economics, finance and academia. Study participants work together to offer actionable solutions, policy recommendations, and examples of best practices in the area being studied. 

Current Projects

Working Group on Treasury Market Liquidity

Photo of Steering Committee Member

Timothy Geithner, Steering Committee Chair

The Group of Thirty has launched a study on bond market liquidity and Treasury repos in the wake of the Covid-19 economic crisis. The project will be led by chair Timothy Geithner

This project will analyze the factors contributing to the evaporation of market liquidity under stress, most recently and notably the Covid-19 crisis. The study aims to identify regulatory measures and policies that would increase the resilience of bond market liquidity under stress and reduce the frequency and scale of extraordinary central bank interventions.